How does Tribe Work?


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Travelling members club.

Tribe members receive insider access to exclusive deals & treats before and during their travels.

Wish it, share it, fund it, book it, live it!

Join the Tribe to save time & money. It’s free to join so what are you waiting for?

Explore & Book.

Explore and book a trip to the hottest destinations and festivals of the year, with just a few taps. 

Make one of the hand-picked hotels, villas and apartments your home away from home… Then choose from the hottest experiences and get ready to jet off!

The best prices.

Tribe members get the best rates to amazing experiences, all thanks to commission free bookings on hotels & flights.

Secure your next trip with a low deposit & create a payment plan to suit you and your friends.

Personal travel fund.

Create your own travel fund with Tribe by earning travel tokens for simple community tasks. 

Set your travel goals and make it happen, you’ll be ticking them off in no time.

One travel tribe.

Connect with the other (hundreds of) Tribe members before and during your adventure.

Enjoy sun-kissed fun, late nights, chilled lunches, instagram opportunities and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Your lifestyle concierge.

When you join the Tribe the fun starts before you even land. You’ll have insider access to lifestyle perks all year round.

A digital tour guide at your fingertips, whether it be your hotel coupon, directions to the nearest cafe, or your tickets to a must-have experience.