Save money, be happy

Don't book your holiday until you read this!!

By Teagan Robinson – Lifestyle blogger from London.

Gather your friends for the holiday of a lifetime!

So, you’ve finally got your friends to commit to a summer holiday and you’ve got together to book it. All you need to do now is choose the destination, hotel and flights that are in everyone’s budget…
When you finally agree, after many discussions, debates and decisions on room shares, you book your summer holiday with great enthusiasm. You are proud you’ve got a good deal, a decent hotel and remain hopeful about the price of a cocktail …but that’s just the beginning. What’s next to come is the little (sometimes big) extras you need to buy before and during your holiday, and it’s not just your insurance and a pair of shades; it’s the extra things you forget to add into your holiday budget.

Spending before you even get there!

Clothes, sunblock, miscellaneous accessories that you’ll probably lose. Then it’s what you’re spending when you’ve arrived… Food, booze, taxis, entry fees, internet. It’s this stuff you forget to budget in.

Well, you budget for the basics, but we’re all a little bougie at heart. Getting a tan before the holiday, a new haircut and then packing for it is a myth. Going on holiday for 7 days, obviously i need 14 outfits maybe more… A suitcase filled with extra little bits. Taxis, each time i head off i forget about taxis, relying on them after a boozy night out to figure out which hotel i’m staying in. 

Suddenly, it’s feeling less like a cheap holiday and more like added fees.

What about food? Self-catering or Half-board? Budget it in, it seems like a couple pounds here and there but (as my mum would say) it all adds up. So, looking at holidays i’m wanting a good deal but thinking about it I don’t know what a good deal would be or if what I’ve booked is really a good deal… The booking websites and travel advisors will tell you it is, but do your research.

Booking agents, operators and even some of the popular booking websites – take between 17% and 25% of what you’re paying for your “cheap” holiday. Suddenly, it’s feeling less like a cheap holiday and more like added fees. Rather than spend your hard earned cash paying extra fees, why not try something new?

So, what's the solution?

Join the Tribe… a community of travellers that cut out the middleman and link you directly with hotels, events and airlines. The Tribe is a community of travellers sharing insider knowledge before, during, and after your holiday. 

Not only can you connect with other travellers, you’ll also get your very own concierge. You’ll be shown hand-picked accommodation and best experiences on available.

Secure your next trip without breaking the bank. A simple payment plan and commission free bookings on flights, hotels, experiences there’s no extra fees here just a cheaper way to enjoy a holiday. 

The bonus? You won’t just get these perks when you’re travelling, you’ll have members perks all year round.