Give memories,
not socks, this Christmas.

Whether they've been naughty or nice, buy loved ones something they really want. TRAVEL!

Give the gift of money off their next holiday, getting them that step closer to their next big adventure, with 12 top destinations to choose.

The ideal
Christmas Gift

Tribe share your gift with your loved one on the 25th December at 10am via email or sms. We send you a receipt of your purchase for your reference. The gift is redeemable on the most popular youth travel destinations on the planet.

The ideal Christmas Gift

Terms and Conditions

Tribe Travel Tokens are valued at £1 per token. These are redeemable within 2018-2020 on travel products sold via The Travel Tribe Ltd’s packages. A receipt of purchase will be sent to the purchaser via their email. A gift voucher will be sent to the gifted party on the 25th December at 10am. The purchased tokens will be added to the gifted parties “travel fund” within their app account. The app is available on ios and android so is accessible to any smart phone user.