Pool your resources and party on a budget

By Lucy gardener in The Sun newspaper.


Tribe X the Sun.

Pool your resources and party on a budget with Tribe.

Ibiza on a budget

I thought BUDGETING doesn’t come into it when going to Ibiza. There’s a “go big or go home” policy… as a bit of a veteran island visitor, I have no problem with sticking to those rules, but then you come home and realise your bank balance has been hit even harder. Five fun-filled days and nights set me back around £1,000, and that’s just spending money.

Sowhen Tribe said it could give me a snippet of their experiences to remember, ona fraction of the price, I sniggered into my Sex on the Beach.

But not one to turn a challenge down — or a booze-filled adventure — I agreed to road test its wallet-friendly fiesta.

Burning a hole

On your own a standard club ticket on the island ranges from 40 to 80 euros (£29-£58),depending on whether you want to go techno or see the sold-out mainstream big-hitters. With a single shot of Sambuca setting you back 11 euros (£8) a pop, it doesn’t just burn a hole in your throat.

Incredibly with this option, prices for hotels and entertainment start from £265 at the beginning of the season, rising to £390 in peak.

You can then add on a host of other items, from airport transfers to more big club nights or pool parties, as well as extra nights in the hotel. 

Day time partying


I was soon downing an ice-cold vodka and Coke as I was doused in glitter and delicate body paint ready for Zoo Project.

Everyone goes all out to become a mystical creature. By midnight the zoo shuts and the bass hunters can prowl on into the night to chase the bass until morning.

My tired paws eventually dragged me to bed to get ready for the next day at the glamorous Ocean pool party. 

Now I can travel more

After seven solid hours of dancing in the sun we reluctantly dragged ourselves back to the villa to get spruced up for  Pacha. 

A few more cocktails later and we were entering Pacha. After another eight hours of hardcore dancing, we fell out of the 3,000-capacity club,unaware that the sun had been up for hours.

 It was time to do the dreaded trip back to the airport, where the departure lounge looks like a scene from a zombie apocalypse. At least now I know I can afford twice-a-year trips, thanks to this cut-price rave revolution.