What are the risks of travel?

How do I avoid the travel risks?

By Teagan Robinson – Lifestyle blogger – London

Protect your summer.

When travelling, I tend to pack as though I’m moving there. Multiple outfits for each period of the day, a variety of shoes (most I don’t even wear), along with a tablet, my phone, headphones, jewellery, toiletries,  makeup. Basically, as much as I can fit into my suitcase, without going over the weight restrictions.

The value of our luggage has risen by 67% over the past five years but travel insurance doesn’t always cover losses. 

The cover most of us buy for our trip tends to cover the bare minimum, leaving us worse than when we started due to bills and fees we weren’t ready to pay.

It'll never happen to me.

“It’ll never happen to me…” Something we’ve all said it, as we shrug off our incoming anxieties of what if it did. But seriously, what if something did happen… Would you be covered? 

You might have taken preventative measures, but shit happens. Whether it’s that you’ve lost your baggage, you manage to break your ankle or your flight gets cancelled. Would you be covered in those situations? Have you checked? Most don’t, until the thing they said will never happen; happens. 

An inconvenience will happen to travellers every now and again, and without cover or even if you just have bad insurance, it could cost you a lot more than you’d like.


Reading ‘terms and conditions’ isn’t exactly how we enjoy spending our time which is why I’ve created a quick summary of these types of cover.

Most UK travel companies are protected by ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licence), this type of cover protects the money you’ve spent booking your flights, hotel and they make sure you get back home. But, that’s it. Then there’s Travel Protect, this covers everything you can think of. Flights, hotels, entertainment, medical, terrorism and luggage. Giving you a solution to your problem, rather than creating a new issue.

Comparing these together seems uneven, but some of us don’t even read into their cover and some don’t even buy it. I know which I’m using…

Tribe takes care of its own.

Tribe have collaborated with an outside party to give you the highest rated cover, something different from the old age ATOL. Not only are you covered for all potential incidents before or on your holiday, you’ll also be rewarded as a Tribe member. 

As a Tribe member, you’ll have access to a solution, immediately. You know, just in case.

All solutions are quickly given to you through your Tribe app, so you don’t have to spend hours on hold listening to elevator music, you can relax knowing Tribes got you covered.

Join the Tribe and be covered across the world!