Travel insurance - what to consider

Top tips for checking you're covered on holiday and how to avoid paying more than what you bargained for…

By Teagan Robinson – Lifestyle blogger – London


Travel insurance
what to consider.

Top tips for checking you're covered on holiday and how to avoid paying more than what you bargained for…

Protect your summer.

Less is more is our mantra when it comes to suitcase packing.

Pack light, streamline and build a capsule wardrobe for your holiday – we sound like your Mum, right? Well, what if we told you that the value of luggage has risen by 67% over the past five years? And most travel insurance policies don’t always cover losses? Don’t waste money paying for unwanted excess payments, just pack the essentials.

The weight restrictions…

The value of our luggage has risen by 67% over the past five years but travel insurance doesn’t always cover losses. The cover most of us buy for our trip tends to cover the bare minimum, leaving us worse than when we started due to bills and fees we weren’t ready to pay.

It'll never happen to me.

We’ve all been there but should you leave “what if” to chance?

You may consider yourself a cautious traveller but shit happens. Whether your airline loses your baggage, you break your ankle or your flight gets cancelled. Would your insurance cover you in those situations? Have you checked? Most don’t until the thing they said will never happen, happens.

If said happens and you’re not covered, a holiday can soon turn into a holiday from hell. Don’t leave it to chance, get insurance and avoid paying for unwelcome bills.

What to look for...

Reading T&C’s isn’t exactly top of anyone’s holiday prep priorities. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and compiled a summary of what to look for:


Most UK travel companies use ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licence). This protects the money you’ve spent on your flights, hotel and in an emergency, ensures you can return home safely. But, that’s about it.


Then there’s Travel Protect and this is exactly what you need to be looking out for. This covers the works – flights, hotels, entertainment, medical, terrorism and luggage.

Tribe takes care of its own.

Looking for something different from the old age ATOL? Tribe have collaborated with an outside party to give you the highest rated cover. Not only are you covered before or during your holiday but you’ll also be rewarded as a Tribe member.

You’ll have access to a solution, immediately. You know, just for those “what if” cases.

Plus, you can communicate to us through your Tribe app. Say goodbye to hours on hold listening to elevator music and relax knowing Tribe’s got you covered.